This is a slogan used to promote the 10th anniversary of Rog as an autonomous, self-organized space. As such, Rog dates back from the year of 2006 when a group of initiatives saw this opportunity of reusing this abandoned bike factory on the outskirts of the centre of Ljubljana and transforming it into a new world. “I was always interested in spaces that breathe, that encourage imagination. […] with our imagination we build our new worlds” (Tovarna Rog: We are temporary), claims a person who was directly involved in the process of rebuilding this factory, but this time with the purpose to produce ideas instead of bikes.

What is fascinating about this place is its capability to encourage people with different ideas and interests to approach Rog and realize them into practices. Today there are many workshops, creative meetings and sport activities taking place every day, each of them with its own schedule and method of functioning. Transforming this place into what it is today can be seen as a complexity of deliberate sacrifice, and nevertheless, enthusiastic effort. As Ms. Hakimova who is a part of Social Center Rog points out, “It’s a really, very lively big organism, […] this organism is giving not only open opportunities, hopes for those who are put aside from profit-oriented society, but also for everyone.”

Indeed, this place is in a way a lively organism; however, its existence is threatened by the demolition plan of the Municipality of Ljubljana, whose force to be realized by the end of June, 2016. Collectives from Rog started the so-called public fight against this plan, which is why International Gathering Ljubljana tries to contribute by any means.

It does not take one to be directly involved in the collectives of Rog to give his/her support; what can help at least is spreading the word among people, paying a visit to some workshops or musical events that take place there, and supporting them with a monetary aid. Thus, you can check the anniversary program of Rog.

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