Attention to the users of autonomous Rog is needed. The plan, that is going to act against the demolish scheme of the municipality of Ljubljana, is coming on power.  This Thursday, 21st of March, at 5pm, welcomes you to a symposium: Rog factory between politics MOL and self-organization. The purpose of the event is to open up a broader public debate on the cultural policy that is in place in Slovenia on one hand, and on the other to look deeply on the informal cultural practices.

Quote fractions of the event itself:

‘Rog Factory is an autonomous space to its users which allows visitors to socialize, create, educate and work freely, based on mutual respect and cooperation. Together with its people, Rog have arranged various spaces that host number of art collectives, activists, theorists, dancers, skaters, circus groups and many others. In the first ten years of operation in the center of Ljubljana, we created a range of creative practices, multiple cultural events and developed our critical thinking.’

By definition, the culture or the ‘tool’ that is used as a main argument to turn down Rog, represents “a value in itself”, it is a “public good” and opposes “any economic or political instrumentalization.” However, the Municipality of Ljubljana 2016-2019 development strategy sees the culture differently. This week symposium aims to precisely debate on the topic of culture and its policies, to discuss the cultural ‘industry’ and to open the question of ‘Where is the place of autonomous zones in Ljubljana’.

The symposium will be held at 5pm on the roof of Rog (in case of rain: Zivko Skvotec) as  each guest will have 10-15 minutes, which then will be followed by a moderated discussion. The event will be preceded by a guided tour, starting at 4pm.