Congratulations! Today more than 130 years ago, the Trade unions all over the world had chosen to celebrate the labor. Communists, socialists, activists and the working class in different regions (except the USA because they are the source of democracy) were supposed to come together on the streets in order to demonstrate their satisfaction of the new working time that would last only 8 hours (No way to miss some of the today`s FB posts: “Never forget, people died for the eight hour work day”).

4823-004-94C25E04Meanwhile, two decades after the fall of the communist regime, the EuroMayDay has been emerged. It all started as a youth movement together with educated people from labor and migrant collectives, united by the belief that the competitive market offered in the European Union, provokes flexibility, consequently precarity, and thus faster economic growth.

Luckily, this year the Labor Day overlaps with the Orthodox Easter. On the top of that the Orthodox world which normally is divided into Julian calendar (Jerusalem, Serbia, Russia) and Gregorian one (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.) [1], coincidentally matches up. This year, we witness big crowds present in the churches and enjoying the fests of the Resurrection of the Lord (Quite contradictive according to the findings of National geographic magazine that came up with the article title “The World`s Newest Major Religion: No religion”, published a week ago [2]).

Interestingly, these bunches of people attending the Church`s rites, seem to choose their best possible dress or costumes, and of course the strong make-up shining out the icons, as a manner that proves their creeds. Yet, it is a public holiday.

All the above considered indicates a funny reality – May 1, 2016 which initially bore the symbol of energetic street performances, nowadays turned into clashes between demonstrators and police officers all over Europe. The new Labor reform in France, for instance, resulted in 100 arrests of protestors and police injuries three days ago [3]. Today, it became even worse: the traditional trade union marsh has merged with the French students who are protesting for over a month [4]. The EuroMayDay`s most popular slogan ‘No Borders. No workfare. No precarity!’ has risen the question of insecurity that millions of people undergoes. In essence, the new precarious class replaces the proletariat – a notion that is melting away.prekariat_karina1101

On the other hand, Easter is no longer this meaningful occasion when people used to kindle their candles, thanking God for the day passed. On the contrary, most of the grassroots wear provocative clothes which are banned in the Church by definition, and afterwards start to complain how sexist we are.

How can you end up these rows of thoughts unless by asking the question: Shall we celebrate overall?