Once again, the collective of Rog determinedly steps in front of the mayor’s plan and clearly expresses the value of Rog and its importance. This time (among the many events organized by the collective), we are warmly welcomed to participate in their “day of sport and fun” which will take place in Tovarna Rog on the 25th of May. Without further delay, you will find an English translation of the event description below. I apologize for the possible mistakes.

While municipal officials preach solidarity, openness, tolerance, comradeship and new social order in the month of May; those same dinosaurs prepare for the eradication of the autonomous Rog collective with the purpose to fabricate the facade, to fill up taverns, to provide the global creatives with a lofty space to design. 

We,13164236_493140844212668_7465535595546183571_n the Rog collective, who are tired of contracts, exploitation and expropriation will not allow them to take our place of friendship, learning, parties and creation. A place where we freely create, help each other and mutually create new interactions beyond the logic of profit. In Rog we do not preach leftist values from the stage, but we live by their principle every day and each moment!

Take your bike, skateboard, Frisbee, juggling equipment, or your best alter-ego and join the relay race for unlimited usage of Rog.

***We are the future***

We are artists, activists, skaters, thinkers, acrobats, asylum seekers, refugees, friends, cyclists, students, employees, the unemployed. We are the people who make Rog.

In here, we work, we hang out, we party, we help each other, we co-work with one another, we talk, we dance and we create. We are those who fill Rog with content and change it into an island of solidarity, openness, tolerance, mutual assistance and friendship, in a town which opts farce consuming and spectacle.

We are a child’s smile, monument of solidarity, painted canvas, philosophical treatise, first conversation on Farsi, juvenile hope, the first oil, the range of friendship, joggling, nocturnal debate, the first graffiti, the rhythm of the Kurdish music, the sun’s west on the roof of the first reinforced concrete building in Ljubljana. For more than 10 years, we are a monument of mutual work. We are the future upon which bulldozers are sent by the municipality.

However, we do not want to tear down, we want to build. To build upon the foundations of solidarity, of collapse and privatization, resisting the premises of spaces which has taken the abandoned factory by the municipality. To build community care and ecological wheels which were embedded in the old factory. To build upon liberation and revival of abandoned buildings, construction of community practices which for the last 10 years exist in Rog. After 10 years of dark looting and ruin, today, in the facilities of Rog once again burns the torch of hope. The crime of privatizing space once again gives every day joy and vision.

The municipality returned on the crime scene once again to complete the transition process of enrichment of the minority at the expense of the majority. To eradicate the symbol of solidarity and build the symbol of consumption. To replace the only beautiful mixture of diverse communal practices with another dead space of commodified attitude.

However, the joy of play, sports, thoughts, activism, art, acrobatics and dance will not allow once again the re-tearing of the factory, and with bowed heads to say to it: Adijo.

The power of the underground fermentation of creativity with joy, hope and freedom will exclaim: WELCOME FUTURE! Future that already dwells in Rog. In a cling of hands, with bikes, language course, tightened strings, nocturnal meeting, games, mutual cooking, watching movie, that future we’ll defend again on the 25th of May at 17.00.

We gather at Rog.cropped-18601_358571554333376_762474000721932907_n2.png

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/230224224014359/