An article written by Eva Panjan and published in Dnevnik, on the 25th of May.

Apologize for the mistakes.

Although in a few days bulldozers may rattle in Factory Rog, the supporters of Rog and mayor Jankovič still have not found a mutual language. “Withdraw from the project Centre Rog” was demanded by hundreds of people in front of the Municipality of Ljubljana.

“We do not give Rog for a construction pit” echoed in the streets of the capital city and before the Mayor Hall. More than hundreds of protesters have tried to prevent the demolition and renovation of Rog which is planned by the municipality of Zoran Jankovič. The Municipality claims that Rog will not be turned into a construction pit due to their own financial budget.

“We defend our work. Rog offers space for creators, innovators as well as for those who are marginalized from society” says Aigul Hakimova from Social Centre Rog. She further claims that with this event, they wanted to publicly address the Municipality of Ljubljana and its mayor that they should not demolish the once bike factory. As it is already written in Dnevnik, the municipality accelerates the project because of the expiration of the approval for demolishment. 

Rog Is Not Capitalism

The renovation which is drawn by MOL includes only the ruff construction of the old factory. As it says Danijela from Social Centre Rog, the new centre that is planned by the municipality, defined narrowly is “Also commercially orientated but excludes all the diverse activities that now exist in Rog.” In the new centre, according to her, there will be no longer place for Circusarna, Social Centre Rog, Skate Park, Concert Hall and varieties of other activities. The users of Rog are also afraid that with this, the values on which their work underpins will be lost. “We are driven by solidarity, we work in common good and in no way in the name of capital” clearly expresses Hakimova.

At the municipality they claim that further cooperation with potential users is not fully defined because they will start demolishing only those buildings that are not dwelt. “We must first renovate and provide factory Rog with basic infrastructure standards, only then we can talk about cooperation in the creation of the program.” It does not come a word whether people of Rog want renovation or not. They would like from the municipality to sanitize critical points, plug it to public electricity, nevertheless, they are not opposed to the renovating of the façade. However, in a manner that respects their autonomy and allows them to continue their organization alone.

The Mayor Does Not Listen to Us

“I have a feeling that at the municipality of Ljubljana they have not thought of our position yet, as they clearly do not care that many self-initiative projects will be lost after the renovation” activist Hakimova is concerned about this.

Although at the municipality they claim that they communicate with the users of Rog for more than 9 years, users of Rog sue that in reality they are not heard. “The meetings with the municipality are not based on a dialogue – they are an acquaintance with their decisions” says Danijela. Some time ago, the mayor Jankovič has invited the users of Rog on a meeting, predicted for the end of this month. “Jankovič told us a few times already that he will demolish Rog” says a user, Matej Kavčič. “We will attend the meeting and we will present our possession, and we hope that the mayor will listen to us.”

To preserve their work and reach the ear of the municipality, the users of Rog have published a petition on the internet for Neomejen Rog Uporabe. By the end of the previous month, the petition has been signed by 2600 people. The contains created by the users of Rog and the autonomy of its work are clearly not only important to the people of Ljubljana, because 44% of the signatures are from other regions of Slovenia.13315485_498034333723319_4817295777423854891_n