This Saturday, the 12th of November, energetic sounds and furious rapping vibrated the walls of Rog. Unlike many of the concerts that are held in the Concert Hall, this one took place in the space of, most probably, the youngest community in Rog – Second Home.

What is unique for this place are the people who are involved in this community and their hard-work to make it pleasantly warm and welcoming for guests. Second Home is a community created and maintained by migrants, refugees and asylum seekers that hope to start their new beginning in Ljubljana. That’s right, you’ve read correctly. One can hear thousands of words from people in function, NGOs and all sorts of associations on how we can make integration work out, but all they need to do is check the new space in Rog that definitely knows how to make things function.

Second Home reminds one of all the other spaces and communities in Rog. The moment you enter the front door of the building and maintain toward the hallway that leads to the space itself, you can spot all the hard-work and efforts these people put in this community. Walls are coloured and decorated, from the ceiling lights in all shades spread through the room and reflect on the disco-ball that brings the groovy attitude of the place. In one of the corners a bar is located which offers several beverages, and on the other, an awesome football-table to reinforce sport spirit and team competition. Several sofas can be found, as well as lovable stove which brings all the warmness one needs in winter.

15079098_368636896809675_3884182338944984281_nAnd the concert itself was absolutely stunning. Naji heated the atmosphere to the level of explosion, only to be followed by N’toko who pulled the lever and activated the bomb. People from all ages were enjoying the music and performance of these artists, as though as music doesn’t recognize age, or nationality, or whatever people think that does matter.

However, respect must be given to the hosts of the night, in whose eyes you can spot the satisfaction and love they have for the place they created. Second Home is a home to some people, to others it’s another community in Rog, and to some a place they can go out on weekends; but what matters is that this place gives hope for the future and for the ways in which people treat each other.

Rog is your best neighbor.