Today, in the early afternoon, the police in the park Path of Remembrance and Comradeship in Vič, Ljubljana without calls for legitimization physically attacked, beaten and injured Afghan citizen Š. H., who in Slovenia has applied for asylum in 2011, almost six years ago, while the country has not issued neither negative nor a positive decision. Š. H. was due to absurdly long treatment, and police and administrative violence last year in Postojna prison – Center for Foreigners protest – where he sewed up his mouth, but in his warning to the brutality of the asylum system, the competent authorities did not respond.

The attack took place today following his visiting the clinic in the Asylum Home Vič in Ljubljana, where S. H. referred to due to his mental distress and needed medical help from dr. Petra Preglja, to which he is entitled by law. Š. H. after medical examination, with his friends sat on a bench near Vic AD, when they acceded to the police by calling for a peaceful and non-violent process of confrontation. Despite assurances that he will not resist, the police officer took Š.H. on the ground and start beating him with metal telescopic rod on the right side of the face, broking his arcade. When S. H. wanted to get up by the police officer, after an open bleeding wound and face sprayed with tear gas and even by the repeated calls for quiet confrontation, he was again violently knocked to the ground and forcibly handcuffed without the consent of the mobile phone or other personal items. To S. H. we are still unable to establish contact and verify his state of health. The police in PP Vič refuses to provide the medical record of Š.H. to his two friends, who were filming the event, in which Dr. Pregelj notes that the mental health of Š. H. is fragile, and discourages his deportation to Germany.

The unexpected and insidious assault of repressive bodies in the Park of Remembrance and Comradeship took place just one day after the Day of Uprising Against the Occupation and reminiscent of the practice of the fascist Italian-German regime, which wrapped Ljubljana with wire, torturing and killing its inhabitants. In the last two years, it has been repeatedly pointed out the militarization of society, which is lead by the current Government through the media and legislative changes, and in practice carried out by increasingly violent police. Among the participants in violence, dominant are the members of the Police Station Vič, who are responsible for the district Asylum Center in front of which the deportation of families Korba-Suleiman took place month ago, where excessive force was also used. Such escalation of police violence, which is received by foreign citizens in our country, is strongly condemn, urging the relevant authorities to assume their responsibilities and sanction such acts of violence.

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